Wow two months have flown by,

and I still don't know what happened to March. Except I had a blast.  I have been busy every weekend in March and most of April.

Went to a bachelor party (1st weekend)
Catered a wedding (2nd weekend), oh but it was the best day, I was sooooo tired when I got home.
Went to another wedding in Longview (3rd weekend)
*Then we found out my Grandma (My mom's mom) had to go in to the hospital due to she was very sick*
Celebrated a really good friend's birthday (OMG we had so much fun)
Celebrated Ostara same weekend.  (last weekend of March)
Now during the week I was doing all of my house chores, cooking, baking, helping my mom, etc...
**I am still trying to figure out when I slept**


*Kinda of sad news, last day of March my Grandma passed away.*  We (my mom and I) spent the next week getting everything done for the funeral (April 6th).  This was an emotionally weird week.  I catered the memorial luncheon based on the foods my Grandma taught me and the ones she served.  Her family and mine said I did a wonderful job, and they swapped their fond memories/stories about my grandma with us all.*

Now some how my house is staying very clean so I decided it's spring cleaning time.  I start to go through boxes, craft supplies, etc...cleared out a closet worth of stuff.
Oh my now we are on Easter weekend- Had a blast at con!!!!!!!!  Easter Sunday dinner was wonderful, I was surrounded by friends/family.  Good times!
On the third weekend we helped some wonderful people move and clean the old apartment.  Which they treated us to a yummy dinner at Enat's.
We were also able to get 1/4 of the garage cleared and yard work done!!!!!!  Woot!
Wednesday April 22nd Cord and I celebrated 9 years Married.  We went to the Antique store down on the water front and had dinner at the Crab Pot (OMG so much food).  Had an aswesome night.
The weekend rolls around to Saturday vegging around the house, while doing a tiny bit of cleaning out the garage.  Christian had a friend over so we went out to Famous Dave's for dinner.  The kids were in food commas and were quiet the rest of the night.
Sunday went over to another friends house and helped clear out some of their yard (which it was a warm, but kinda over cast day), and then visited for a while.  Good times and very relaxing.
Now we come up to this weekend and I am gearing up for a candle party (seriously when do I SLEEP..hehehe), and Sunday is Beltane, wheeeee.
Oh and my week days for April consisted of house cleaning, Going through last years file folders and purging them, and reading up on how to start a personal chef business or catering. 

In a nutshell that has been my last two months.

I am ready to go cheer up a friend...

In a little bit I am heading up to Darin's to try to boost his spirits a little bit.  He found out that his Aunt (one he was very close to) passed away last night.

 I am taking dinner and dessert: Roasted Chicken, roasted potatoes, carrots and fresh biscuits, and dessert of fresh home made brownies and chocolate dipped strawberries. 

I believe food and company is the best medicine out there.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Sequim to dropped off my baby brother and visit my dad, spend the night and come home on Monday.  Should be around by 12:00pm.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
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Finally no more sick house

Christian is doing better now.  He finally broke his final fever early Sunday morning. 
Saturday night Christian and Cord had a snow ball fight that was too funny.  They are both silly, but they both did not make a sound while trying to find each other.  It was great fun, but I think that is what made Christian a little feverish.

Hope everyone is having a safe and warm Monday!

Weekend is over but I am feeling great.

I had the best four day weekend!
We went to Sequim, WA for Thanksgiving.  I did not cook much but I sure did eat a lot of food.  My grandpa made reservations at the Cedars Lodge for Thanksgiving dinner.  I have to say they did a fabulous dinner.  The meal was buffet style with Turkey, Roasted beef, ham, wonderful green beans w/ bell peppers, unfortunately there was candied yams w/marshmallow (yuck), stuffing, Killer garlic mashed red potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a green salad w/tomatoes.  The pies were pretty horrid.  Over all it was a wonderful dinner.  I had really great conversations with my uncle and aunt, my grandparents are doing really well.  The boys OMG teenagers eat a lot of food.  Christian and Zach both had two heaping plates of food and dessert, then when we went home (to my dads) they ate again like an hour later.

Black Friday was so different in Sequim.  It was just like Sunday shopping, you could get in and out of the stores in under 30 mins.  My dad told me it was a zoo.  Well coming from a big city I try to avoid Black Sunday, to many people, it's always crazy.  So I may just go to Sequim from now on.  Friday night my dad and I made a roasted goose, duck soup, sauteed green beans with shallots, garlic, bell peppers and a pat of butter, cayenne roasted sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.  It was so much fun cooking with my daddy and dinner was terrific.  8 pm rolls around and we are on the road back home.  Traffic was great we made it home by a little after 10pm.

Saturday was pretty relaxing in the morning then got really busy.  For breakfast I made home made oatmeal, with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg with golden raisins.  Christian says it his new favorite breakfast and I need to make it again.  Did my baking spree again of 2 pumpkin pies and a pecan pie.  I decided to make a quick dinner of turkey tacos.  Which Christian ate 3 huge burritos, I swear this kid is going to eat me out of house and home.  Unless he stops growing for a few months. 
After dinner we cleaned up and headed out to a birthday party.  I was able to see some friends that I have not seen for quite a while with was awesome.  We were able to say happy birthday (#30) to Rob.  It was a great party for some relaxing.  Bev and Rob you two are wonderful.

Sunday went up to Marysville for After Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving dinner.  Again a huge spread of food, warmth of a wonderful house, kids to pick on, and a great time with friends and family.  After dinner one of our friends did a small belly dance show, she is fantastic at dancing.  Very graceful, full of life and light.  The body movements for belly dancing are so graceful and beautiful. 

The best part about the weekend...I was sharing it with Christian and Cord.

Now it's Monday and back to the same old routine, but I am relaxed so Today is a great day!

It's official

My lovely peace and quite is now gone.  It looks like that yard work will no longer be as enjoyable, well only when an airplane will go over.  Today the Fu@king airport opened the 3rd runway.  So far today 7 planes have landed and in a 15 minute time frame was 3 of them.  The airport promised it would not affect us...bull sh%t is what I am saying now.  So far my whole neighborhood is in the crapper due to politics.   So right now the city of Burien and the Port of Seattle can go to hell.

I want to go somewhere quite.

Oh and another plane just went over, shook my house a little.  This reminds me of my childhood in SeaTac.  Oh well.

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Since October things have been steadily busy for me at home.  I have done a huge amount of clearing out items that are no longer needed.  I have gone through all of my dishes, pots and pans, crafting supplies, craft projects and I have also cleared out 3 closets.  Since I am pretty small now, I finally got rid of clothing that was too big for me.  With my thrifty shopping skills I have gotten brand new clothing for little money.  I feel very accomplished in that area.

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